Monday, June 1, 2009

Cinnamnon Raisin Bread

After an extended hiatus due to moving house, I'm back! Thank you Chavi, my only follower, for encouraging me to keep blogging :)

So the other night I made a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread- adapted from the recipe from "the fresh loaf", and I have learned a few things. Firstly, I need a new bread loaf pan! I let my loaves proof in the fridge in a medium sized bakers secret brand loaf pan- after i had baked them and let them cool, I noticed that the pans' non-stick finish had come off on the loaf! shame on those pans. I'm going to write bakers secret to complain. I will keep you posted.

Secondly, when making a proper loaf of bread- better to make one big loaf as opposed to two smaller ones. Otherwise it looks like a teacake, rather than bread.

Well here's the URL for the recipe-

I halved the recipe, and substituted instant oats for rolled oats, so I didn't soak them, I just added them to the water a few minutes before. I also added an extra tablespoon of honey, because I found the dough wasn't sweet enough.

So, here are pics, which I am submitting to yeastspotting
Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Glad you survived the move! That loaf is lookin' good!

  2. I agree with Chavi, it's looking really good! Thank you for your sweet note and thanks for joining YeastSpotting!

  3. Not only that, but it tasted delicious and had a perfect texture.