Thursday, June 18, 2009

on why I love my friends

Because they bought me a present because they love me.

This week I tried out a recipe for multigrain bread courtesy of Mark from the Back Home Bakery. I've never made mutligrain bread before, and found the recipe somewhat challenging for a few reasons (which totally have to do with my inexperience and not with the recipe)-

1. I think my scale isnt accurate enough- I found measuring the salt really difficult with my scale and the final bread was too salty.

2. The summer heat and humidity here are incredibly high- I think proofing takes about half the time- and its quite possible I overproofed. the loafs were huge, and didnt rise too much in the oven.

3. I didn't time the recipe right- so I ended up staying up till all hours of the night to bake it= cranky baker. not smart.

All in all, it came out tasty, with a good texture, and it was not too bad for a first try. I'll have to try again with my new pizza stone (you guys are the best! )