Tuesday, June 2, 2009

sourdough+ moving= i'm losing my mind

I started my starter about two and a half months ago. Its been through a few ups and downs- until I finally stabilized it, and produced quite a few gorgeous loaves from it. It created tangy and crusty, flavourful bread.

Then I moved.

I always knew that moving was traumatic, but I didnt realize the extent of it until I took my starter out of hibernation, where it was staying with my sister for two weeks. At first everything was fine, back to normal- I was feeding it twice a day like normal. Then all of a sudden it started getting weird. It got very watery, and started making lots of "hooch"- that low grade alcohol that forms on top of the starter. I would pour it off and feed it with a watchful eye...

At first I thought my new kitchen was too hot... I started controlling the temp of the strater with cold water baths. Didnt help. So I started feeding it more often, thinking that the yeast was eating up the starches too quickly. Didnt help.

Then I started thinking... maybe Im not feeding it enough flour? I double checked my measurements and I was fine... but then, i noticed the amount of water i was using... and it was DOUBLE the amount i was supposed to be using! duh! thats why it was watery.... !

Moral of the story, double check your measurements. And get enough sleep.


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  2. Haha, glad the crisis was averted and you can get back to sourdough baking.

  3. yes, looking forward to eating some yummy yummy bread!!!

  4. Hmm.. you neglected to tell me about the overwatering it! Glad to know that your baby was saved!