Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Semolina Fennel Cranberry Bread (with pine nuts)

Happy Bloggiversarry to Leahsleavenedbread! One year ago I started my blog on a whim. I took pictures of whoever was around and chose a domain and a blog name. Today the friend that was in that first picture is my fiance (in two and a half weeks he'll be my husband!), and I have made enough money on adsense to buy myself at least three cups of coffee. Success!

My grandmother and uncle are arriving on Monday, my father, future in-laws and sister and family arrive a week later for our wedding. This can only mean one thing- time to bake some bread! Lots of people eat lots of bread= I should make lots of bread.

This bread has been on my recipe "to do" for months now. When I was in New York last September a friend told me that I had to get to this bakery in Manhattan for the best loaf of bread she has ever had. Unfortunately the bakery is not Kosher, so I looked for a similiar recipe so I could make it at home. Susan at Wildyeast has an amazing, detailed recipe that I used. The bread was really easy to make, and delicious! I highly recommend trying it out- and if you live in my area give me a holler and you can come get some sourdough starter so you can make it too!

The recipe can be found here. I substituted cranberries for the currents, quartered the recipe, and shaped the bread into a batard instead of a baguette.

The dough rising in the bowl

One loaf, ready to pop in the oven!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's been so long- I almost forget how to do this. But here I am again, still in my pjs, coffee cup in hand, spent the morning photographing cookies and ate so many that I completely forgot about breakfast. Looks like it's coming back to me.

I found this recipe on "Tasty Kitchen"- a communal recipe website started by the Pioneer Woman (whose blog never fails to make me laugh). The recipe promised to be as tasty as a banana cake, and much easier to make. I fell for the line and got my spatula and mixing bowl!

These cookies were not hard to make, but then again they weren't the best cookies I've ever had. They were only a little bananaey and were a little heavy from the oats. They did grow on me after a while, though. I would say make them during the week, keep them around for a snack, but don't make them as a dessert for your fancy dinner party.

You can find the recipe here.