Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seeded Sourdough

The idea to put seeds on my bread came from this lovely thread on TFL. Unfortunately, I didn't think about how I would actually get the seeds on the bread. Minor oversight. At first I considered rolling the plain dough in a mixture of seeds. Didn't work so well, as I had floured the dough in order to roll the batards up, and the seeds didn't stick. I tried eggwashing the dough and then sprinkling the seeds, but I didn't get enough seeds on the loaf- not exactly what I was looking for. The only minor disaster occured when I spilled half an egg on my seedy, floury counter, and tried to roll a "batard" in it. Bad idea. Do not try that at home- learn from my mistakes!

This is how you succesfuly seed a batard: roll it out into a batard shape. (I can't say that I have this down perfectly yet, but practice makes perfect!) Next step, put a mixture of seeds on the counter above your batard. I used sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame, and poppy. Egg wash the top of your batard, and tip it over onto the seeds. Roll. Repeat for the bottom half of the bread. This should be really simple, but it took me a bit to figure out.

I haven't actually tried the bread yet, I gave the first loaf that came out of the oven to my sister and brother in law- but it seems like they liked it from their text messages to me: "Damn good", and "Yumm, smiley face". Guess its a winner. I'll have to make it again!

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