Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok I know that this is slightly, ok VERY off topic (I tried, but I can't connect this to baking!) Summer exams are tough. They take up a lot of energy. Needless to say, they are NOT fun.

I'm part of a great group of friends who meet up once a week for dinner. This week my friend M, who just made the move to Israel, joined us. She told us that she had joined this website called "top secret dance off". The point of the site is to have MORE FUN. Well, that sounds good to me! I'm all for fun. And besides, I love dancing- any kind of dancing really, although I'm not such a great dancer. I took up salsa at the beginning of the year and have learnt how to spin somewhat gracefully- although I often step on my partners shoes, and try to smile it off :)

As a member of the sight you are given dance tasks- you have to take a thirty second video of yourself dancing, in disguise. The first task is to dance without moving your feet. So, we got some friends and started coordinating! Took as a while to agree on a song, but we had SO MUCH FUN!

And so, without further ado, and for no other reason than to make you laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of the dance, and therefore cause you to have a little more FUN, I give you the first video! (ps can you tell which one is me? I know, we have awesome disguises)


  1. as far as that connection to your blog, I'd say you guys are looking a little bit baked :)

  2. haaa great dancin!