Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sometimes sitting gets boring.

At my office, when you order files from the archives, if it is more than one or two files then they arrive in cardboard boxes. As I was nearing the end of my eleventh hour at work yesterday, I was suddenly hit with a wave of inspiration. Why not prop my computer and keyboard up on those boxes to make a standing workstation? Genius! I mean, I thought it was genius at the time. When I arrived at work today I rolled my eyes at yesterday Leah. At this point I've been standing for about four hours, my back hurts and I'm pretty cranky. I can't quit yet. One of the lawyers in my office downright challenged me to stand all day by saying "Ha! I'll see you sitting in under half an hour!" Shows him. 

I definitely have more concentration for the work that I have to do, but on the other hand I feel pretty stupid checking my facebook standing up, and I've had to explain why I'm standing to about thirty cynical lawyers. Either way, check out this blog post on my new favourite blog for a nice analysis of the benefits of sitting (varicose veins, more tiring) vs. standing (improved health, concentration, and longer life) at work.

If I had remembered this morning that I did this to my desk last night then I would have worn more comfortable shoes to work today. Maybe I'll remember for tomorrow. Next project- big blue exercise ball instead of a chair.  


  1. Leah, you are an inspiration to us all. I guess this is just another side benefit of your side career as a baker!

  2. hahah thanks Doniel :) youre such a supportive spouse lol

  3. ha leah you are awesome sauce. i'm just imagining the lawyers seeing your health efforts as an affront to the stiff legal profession.